Norfolk Cider

The Norfolk Cider Company, established in 1987, is now the oldest established cider makers in Norfolk,
following the closure of William Gaymer and Sons, where one of our staff worked.
They continue a tradition in Norfolk that stretches back to at least 1204.


Cider made traditionally in the Eastern region comes from culinary and dessert apples,
and is quite different from the West Country, where cider apples are used.
It lacks the astringentcy of West Country ciders, and is more like an apple wine.
It can be a little stronger too, at 7%, with more natural sugars in the dessert apples to convert into alcohol,
but has lower tannin levels, making it 'easier on the head' than its West Country cousins.

Over the last 28 years the Norfolk Cider Company has won several regional awards and is a past CAMRA National Runner Up

Placing an order

You have tried the cider and decided to make a purchase, so just give us a ring
(the old fashioned way), and talk to the cider maker. If we do not answer
please leave a message and your telephone number and we will get back to you.
We will advise you on your choice and then despatch the order to your address.
Please pay using PayPal.
When in Norfolk you are always welcome to call in and see Geoffrey at Wroxham Barns, Tunstead Road, Hoveton, Norfolk, NR12 8QU

19th Century Norfolk Cider Mill

'The Cider Man' demonstrating Norfolk Cider's original 19th Century Norfolk mill and apple press
to produce fresh apple juice at the Norfolk county show.

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